1.Team Kentgens

We are teamkentgens, Yngling sailors with the ultimate goal to become European Youth Champion and World Champion in the Yngling. We became worlds best youth team at the World Championship 2011+2012 . In the future we want to gain more good prestations in the Yngling and also in other classes (420, Matchracing, Melges24). On this website we will introduce ourselves and try to inform you about all the results and things we are doing to get our goals.


After a few times experimenting the Yngling it was finally clear. The Netherlands, Europe, The World has a new spontaneous, dynamic and motivated sailingteam which is sponsored by Maas&Roer. For results look by Anne-Christianne or Robert-Jan’s page.

TeamKentgens consist out of two allround sailing team riders (brother and sister), all coming out the South of the Netherlands and all member of Yachtclub Maas&Roer. The team is helmed by the youngest girl in the whole Yngling Worlds competition, she’s not only the youngest she also one of the few girls who have to deal with a heavy competition from all the professional male helm competitors. She started in the Yngling with a nice cute and friendly attitude, but after a few months it was clear for all the competitors, that little cute and nice girl bites. She has the right combination between cute sexy (for the male competitors under us) smart and dangerous. Anne-Christianne sailed in the top of the optimist and 420 before she started sailing yngling, see for her results : www.teamkentgens.wordpress.com/anne-christianne/ . She knows a lot of boat-speed and how to control the boat. Than we have the big brother of Anne-Christianne Kentgens, middle crew Robert-Jan Kentgens. He started sailing when he was 10 years old and he got in his first two years of sailing very good results so he started to get his family crazy about sailing and started sailing on a international level. Robert-Jan helmed with a lot of good international results in the optimist, splash, 420, laser and H-boot, for his results click on this link or go to menu Robert-Jan www.teamkentgens.wordpress.com/robert-jan . Since a few years he decided to take the step from helm to crew because he wanted to sail with his little sister in the 420. First it went not so good as they thought, but when they started sailing in the yngling it went a lot easier. Robert-Jan’s task is most of the times looking to the wind conditions and doing the trim of the mainsail and spinnaker. He mostly makes the decisions with permission of the other teamriders.

With an age of ten years old we travelled around whole Europe to participate a lot of different international regatta’s, from clubregatta’s till World Championships and a few times Dutch Champion. Two of our teamriders have been in the national sailing team of The Netherlands for four years in the Optimist, they also selected themselves for European Championships/ World Championships/ Teamrace Championships etc.. They got two times podium at the European Championship. These sailors also sailed in the talent-team 420 of the Netherlands were they got prepared for the Olympic games. They made the decision to sail yngling because they could learn more in this class and the ynglingclass is more competitive. Our boats belong to the best boats of the world, they come from the Russian Olympic Yngling Team of Ekaterina Skundia. Our boats have prestated very well in the Olympic games.
With sportive regards,
Anne-Christianne, Robert-Jan

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